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Can our PHP files used by external hackers?


I want to know if it's possible to use PHP include for accessing scripts hosted on your servers. I am a bit worried about hackers, and i've seen this bit it's not woring. Thabks for the reply.


  • edited April 2017

    Anything which is in the htdocs directory of a website can be accessed directly. It's up to the script developer to make sure that accessing those included files directly doesn't expose any sensitive information.

    A common way to do that is to define a constant in every file you want people to access directly, like so:

    define('IN_SITE', true);

    And in every included file, put the following at the start of the file:

    if (!defined('IN_SITE") || !IN_SITE){

    That way, included files are only executed when they are included and are terminated immediately if accessed directly.

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