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Why my Site Redirect to login page of Infinity free Help me

Why my Site Domain,, Redirect to login page of Infinity free Help me

i used to grendalhosting services, now i want join infinityfree but i change 2-3 different nameservers but my domain are redirect to

help me


  • Grendel Hosting has been shut down so all websites have been shut down. Please move your website to InfinityFree as soon as possible to restore it.

  • i created infinity "epiz_17206235" account but my hosting cpenel feature is deleted nothing its working

    please remove redirection of,

  • Hello,

    Do you have only a 4 or 5 icons in your control panel? If so, you've activated our security systems and you will have to wait for the administrator to check your account and reactivate it.

    Warm Regards,
    Community Support Officer

  • Hello @replymeall. It seems like you have trigerred our security systems if you only see few icons in your cPanel. Please submit a ticket here. And you probally are being redirected to InfinityFree Login Page because your DNS cache still thinks that your domains use old nameservers. You need to wait some time till process called: DNS Propagation happens!

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