Help! I cannot send email from my website using PHP mail()!


A very frequently asked question is that people are unable to send email from your website. If this happens, please see this FAQ article. It contains many useful tips on how to improve the likelihood of your message hitting the inbox of your destination.

However, there is one, very important caveat, quoted here for convenience:

At the moment, you can only send registration and activation e-mails through PHP mail(). Outbound e-mails are filtered based on templates for registration, activation and confirmation e-mails. Other types of e-mail, like contact requests, newsletters, notifications, etc. will be dropped and not be delivered to your recipient.


  • sapoyrana

    Just tyo add to my 2 cents: all or at least most of the infinityfree servers are blacklisted by spamhaus anyways, so even if you manage to send e-mail from your website, chances are it will be bounced by your recepient mail server.

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