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i cant access my website from internet explorer 5

today i was at school and i tried to access my website,but i always ended up with this screen

can someone help me?


  • What is your website url?

  • The website seems to be working fine from here. The page you're seeing implies that cookies are not enabled in your browser. However, Internet Explorer 5 is REALLY old so I wouldn't be surprised if it's just too broken to pass the security checks.

  • As mentioned by Admin, your website is accessible from my end too. Try clearing your browser caches by pressing ctrl + shift + delete then check your site again.

    Hope it helps.

  • @Admin @DeeOne i will try and install internet explorer 6 sp1 and try again

  • @ofir29200 said:
    @Admin @DeeOne i will try and install internet explorer 6 sp1 and try again

    Internet Explorer 6 is very old as well. You might have some luck and can access the sites, but for a good browsing experience I would recommend upgrading to a browser which is less than 10 years old. A modern version of Firefox or Google Chrome is preferable.

  • @Admin well Internet Explorer 6 did work but the css didnt load on it. when i installed firefox it did work and it even loaded the css but because of the resolution the color got kind of wird. well thanks anyway @Admin

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