Setting up my personal domain's email on Gmail/Gmail App


How can I find POP3 or imap setting for my email (registered with personal domain) , so that I can set the same on Gmail.

Like I have my domain : and I have setup an email But currently I am restricted to using RoundCube mail for accessing this mail.

How can I use Gmail/Yahoo-mail/Outlook with this mail? (I need POP3 settings for this mail)

Alternate Attempt Made :

I have added a forward from this mail to my personal gmail and then added this email as a send only address also. But there are two issues :

  1. Sometimes ByteCluster server loses connection with Gmail server and says undeliverable mail.
  2. Sometimes while replying using Gmail's Send as, it goes to SPAM/Junk of recipient's mailbox.

Does anyone know a sureshot fix for this? I basically find Roundcube's interface very cumbersome.

Thanks in advance!!!

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