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no response in Activity, so posting here, its an easy one . . .

copy / paste ::::: ' By the way my question, and in the wrong place I'm quite sure anyhooooo, I can fix almost anything and was wondering if I could put up things I do, places I've been, what I've done in the past things I can fix on one of my pages that you all so graciously provided? '


  • I'm not sure what your question is exactly. You want to put text and images on your website? Because that's pretty much the definition of a website. I don't know how you'd make a website without text and images.

  • edited February 10

    Someone had mentioned what I know about gardening, building a home, how I know like simple fixes, tips etc. and I thought well I could put something online I suppose, probably wouldn't happen right away, formatting edits etc. etc. but I could at least start to play around with it, might turn out nice might look like crap HA! :p

    Oh thanks for getting back to me so appreciated.

    Regards ta-tAH! byebyenow

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