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I want to upgrade my cpanel to premium hosting but facing some issue.

I want to upgrade my cpanel to Premium Hosting, but in when I click on Upgrade button, It is redirecting to another site and asking me to create new account, In this case I will lose data or face difficulty in transferring htdocs data.

I want to upgrade in ..


  • Ifastnet is the premium hosting provider, you shouldn't worry about data theft.

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    InfinityFree, as the same implies, provides free hosting. iFastNet sponsors us and in exchange we promote their premium hosting services. Free hosting accounts cannot be upgraded in place, because charging you for hosting on a free hosting platform would be a scam.

    To upgrade your account, you should order a new account at iFastNet, but their support staff can move your website for you. So you don't need to worry about having to do that yourself!

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