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Domain not working


Can you please check my domain Before 10 days I have already transfer name servers, but still domain not active in the account.

looking forward your reply

Thank you


  • edited March 6

    it is OK

    Currently displays directory content (Empty)

    I guess you deleted the index.yxy file (default index.html)
    and therefore there is no home page (so the server show directory)

    It is up to you to create your own page in htdocs folder
    and creating / editing .htaccess file

    for more help search this forum

  • Also, please note that the domain name is not active on any InfinityFree account.

  • How to active ..?

  • @Tarunpuri said:
    How to active ..?

    Contact the hosting provider where you're actually hosting the domain? The domain is not hosted with InfinityFree.

  • But I have already transferred name servers to InfinityFree

  • @Tarunpuri said:
    But I have already transferred name servers to InfinityFree

    You can point any domain name to our nameservers, but if the domain name is not registered to an InfinityFree account, it will not work.

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