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I didn't get any "confirm account" link from cloudflare...

Another problem is that i got the e-mail after alerting cloudflare, my account was created... But i don't know the password..........
I didn't get any information about that in my e-mail, and i didn't even get any link to CHANGE the pasword...


  • Have you checked the spam folder?

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    As I said... I GOT the e-mail... but there was no such link as "change password"...
    So I decided to just reset it... somehow it worked and now there is no problem anymore...
    One question. Do You think im a kid that's just 17 years old? :neutral:
    Obviously I did!

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    Have a nice day! (because I don't :| )

  • but thanks for help

  • You're saying you did not get an email from Cloudflare? Did you consider asking Cloudflare why you didn't get an email from Cloudflare?

    InfinityFree is not Cloudflare and doesn't send email on behalf on Cloudflare, so InfinityFree cannot help you with this.

  • I said that i got an e-mail but with no information about the password... i had to reset it... it took me like half an hour to do so.

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