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Problems with HTTPS on website


I have a problem... the problem is that my website uses HTTPS protocole, but all my browsers detect some non-secure content, and there is no beautiful green lock...

I've scanned the website for unsecure file paths and everything that can cause problems, I found nothing. I have even switched all relative file paths to the files from for example "img/art1.png" to ""...

It did nothing...

I know that after enabling SSL (I use cloudflare so I don't know if im right) servers "like" to remember old paths, links and settings.

Is there a way to check what the problem is?


  • edited March 13

    Ok NVM... i just found out that YOU (sorry for blaming) overwrite one of my error pages with HTTP instead of HTTPS... thats why my page is "not fully secure..." SORRY! fixed the problem. No need to help me.... have a nice day!

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