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The upload filed 577

If I try upload .php file it's say The upload filed: 577/


  • @artminasyan said:
    If I try upload .php file it's say The upload filed: 577/. And I try to create .php file, copy my code and paste in php file but if click save code not saving.

  • hi
    if you want an answer please give us more information

    upload with? mobile phone, browser, FTP, etc.
    who or what is stated "failed 577" ? OS, browser, FTP, etc.

    if it's not possible to write something in your php file - uses various tricks

    upload .txt
    put code into that
    rename extension to .php
    and similar actions

    try using another software / FTP / File Manager

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  • Hi. Thanks for reply. It's come from MonstaFTP. I try upload files with Angular Files and it's work.

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