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All my links redirect me to 403 error page. Why? What can I do?

every link I put on my website( tells me the websites configuration prevents you from accessing this page = redirects me to 403 error page. ###WHAT CAN I DO???###


  • What kind of links have you tried? I only see a link to right now, which does not seem to go to any page on your website as far as I can tell.

  • do get a link to a different website, then?

  • @WebMaster007 said: do get a link to a different website, then?

    There are different ways to define links, which all do different things.

    Suppose you are currently on the webpage

    • The URL foo/bar.html is relative to the directory you are currently in. Clicking that URL would point you to
    • The URL /foo/bar.html is relative to the domain you are on. So the resulting URL would be
    • The URL // is relative to the protocol you are on. That sounds a bit technical, but it essentially means that URLs will use https (SSL) if you are using https, and http if you are using http. The resulting URL would be
    • The URL is an absolute URL. The resulting URL is exactly the same as written there.

    From what I can tell, you want to create a URL to another website, which means you should probably use the style of option #4 to make it work. Option #3 would work as well, but might give problems in some cases.

    If you specify a URL like, it would be interpreted like a URL from option #1. So that's why that URL pointed to for you.

  • sorry. i guess i forgot to put http://

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