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Nginx 502 - Bad Gateway Error

So I installed some softacolous apps and then I decided to remove them because I didn't need them. But then I noticed that when I tried to go to my website @

It tells me this error: Nginx - 502 Bad Gateway

I know, I have looked at the Knowledge base but it didn't work when I tried the steps, I tried removing unnessecary things. But It still says that error. Could someone help me please?


  • we have same problem here.
    i think this is server issue.
    let's wait infinityfree support team to solve this issue.

  • My site is also not working
    How to solve it?

  • Having the same issue.. Receiving "502 Bad Gateway" Error... My website ( has been working great for last few months, then today I noticed this error just out of the blue...

    Anyone know if and when it will be resolved?

  • Yeah, we know:

  • It's problem on iFastNet side so infinityfree can't solve it! It's not on infinityfree this error is on every free hosting powered by

  • My Self getting 502 Bad Gateway issues on my site

  • thank admin for your reply.

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