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VistaPanel: The Old Memories

Do you remember this?

It was one of the first versions of VistaPanel, version 2.0.3, when it was still in beta mode.
This image brings back old memories for me, and it makes me still want it as a default version instead of the new one.

The first version of vPanel was created in 2005, 13 years ago. There weren't many changes until Dec 20, 2012, when came the new cPanel x3 theme to vPanel, and SEO tools were added.
It looked like this:

We also probably liked it, it was very popular and vPanel and cPanel looked the same. Then, on Sep 21st, 2015, cPanel dropped support for their x3 theme and eventually forced their users to use the Paper_Lantern theme, created on Feb 11th, 2014.

iFastnet and MyOwnFreeHost started also using the Paper Lantern theme and dropped support for x3.
Wish there was an option to choose, but anyway, we can see the pictures and remember.


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