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website and web pages stop loading

Me and my friends are having a issue with website loading.When we open a domain or url of our websites hosted on infinityfree the websites does not load and stops with a white (blank) screen and we have to refresh and then the website loads.The same is the problem with .htaccess .We have few folders containing htaccess files which acts as redirects and they don't load external websites too.First we thought the issue is with our web browser chrome then we tried internet explorer but it doesn't work then we tried opening our websites in other devices including mobile but the issue is same.We then thought the problem is with our websites so we created a very basic web page (which shows hello world) in html and tried to load it but it also stopped with a white screen and we had to refresh again.

Please infinityfree i am not the only one having this issue.My 6 friends use infinityfree free and they have the same issue with their websites too so please fix this issue ASAP .I am your old user and have been using your service for more than 3 years and i was satisfied but this issue is frustrating me.Thanks and i hope you fix this issue soon.


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