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POP and smtp settings for Email to Use in Outlook

i wish to sync my webmail with microsoft outlook and my email app on my android phone, can anybody help me out with the POP(Incoming) and SMTP settings for the same?


  • Please see the relevant knowledge base article about this:

    If you have any questions about it, I'd be happy to answer them though!

  • okay, i used an external webmail provider. but when i send a mail to it it Bounces. the error i get is rejected the mail.
    whereas i have changed the Mx Record to the external provider yandex with priority 10.

  • When adding a new MX record, be sure to remove the old MX record as well. By default, an MX record is created with priority 0 which points to "". You need to delete it if you are using a different mail provider, otherwise issues like these can happen.

  • done, issue solved

  • Hello Admin, i create my MX record "" with my domain, but also i can´t erase de default, an MX record " priority 0" . when i put delete says Error #459346986 Please contact supportMX Records can not be altered on subdomains. And probably this is the reason why when i´m triying to put the password on gmail to configure de email don´t recognaized it. Please Help ! i appreciated

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