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Version Control in File Mgr Editor, possible?


I have noticed that the code is possible to be edited on the server and save it. Does it have a version control system integrated in the save? Or is it possible to do so with a third party integration on the server side itself? Like a Web IDE with version control?



  • Our file managers don't store old copies of your files and don't keep track of revisions. They are all relatively simple frontends around FTP, which in itself is a quite simple protocol as well (just basic file manipulations like listing, uploading, downloading, moving, removing).

    If you have an IDE with version control support and the ability to publish with FTP, then you can manage your files with version control. But it's not something offered by InfinityFree itself.

  • @Admin

    Sure I understand. But have been struggling with the FTP timeout itself, else remote development can be locally managed simply.

    Anyway thanks for the update.

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