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how to set your index page

so I made my website's homepage on my pc as a html document and I want to set it without using wordpress or other apps, how can I do it. And I know this is probably a dumb question


  • name it "index.html" and upload to htdocs folder of your website.

  • first make sure that any file does not exceed 10MB

    go to the client area (if you do not have acc then make it and enter the desired free subdomain, etc.)

    if you already have an acc then click "manage" button

    there inside you have a button "file manager" (monstaFTP client) click it

    in monstaftp go to htdocs folder (check multiple times that you are inside the htdocs folder)

    at the bottom of monstaftp there is a toolbar and upload icon (use it)

    then select the files from your PC and upload them into the htdocs folder

    but let the structure be like this:

    that your index.html file is in root of htdocs and not in some subfolders

    right = htdocs/index.html

    wrong = htdocs/newfolder/myweb/index.html

    beware of keeping the rest of the files/folders hierarchy (like folders for js, css, images) as they are on your PC

    I hope all links (URLs) in your pages use the relative path

    then visit your site by typing the address into the browser address bar


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