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Starting a Audio Website on IF?

Does InfinityFree allow websites such as Soundcloud, to be created on their service? I know that its free and have inode and even daily hit limit. I want to start a website for creatives to be able to upload their own self created audio clips that would be limited to 5mb per file. Need to know if this can be a good place to start such website and once it matures to move to a paid service and possibly use AWS for files when storage becomes the main concern.


  • It sounds like storage should be your concern already. We don't allow our hosting to be used for file uploading/sharing sites (including audio files). And many paid hosting providers (including iFastNet) don't allow this either.

  • any suggestions on where to look to start? besides AWS for files?

  • @AVYAVY said:
    any suggestions on where to look to start? besides AWS for files?

    AWS for the rest as well?

    Most flat fee hosting providers don't really appreciate it if you start to hog an excessive amount of bandwidth to transfer audio files, and don't provide the necessary software to do media transcoding (and won't offer it because media transcoding takes an excessive amount of CPU power).

    AWS is fully pay-as-you-go. It's not cheap, but it's flexible. And Beanstalk or Lightsail make it relatively (for AWS standards) easy to host stuff there.

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