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Need some help in building WordPress website

I want to create a website. But the problem is every time i install wordpress it creates
But i wanna create
What should i do now


  • This wp indicates the path to wordpress script. In you case, the scripts are installed inside wp directory/folder.

    I'm half forget about everything inside Installation script (if you download it via official site), but I'm pretty sure there is a text field that determine your installation directory.

    If you install it through Softaculous, I'm afraid I am in no help, because I don't have experience in that app.

  • You should set the installation directory to "", instead of "wp" while you installing it

  • Thank you. That was a great help. But i am having problem with loading speed. Any suggestions how to increase speed

  • Cloudflare caching?

  • Use Cloudflare catching and optimize your images. Look you on youtube on how to optimize WordPress images. There are also wp plugins to optimize speed and make sure to use a speed testing took to check your speed so you know what works and what doesn't.

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