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An error with the plugin duplicator

Error creating archive

Duplicator Issues might occur when [open_basedir] is enabled

Work with your server admin to disable this value in the php.ini file if you’re having issues building a package.

Max Execution Time: ’20’

Issues might occur for larger packages when the [max_execution_time] value in the php.ini is too low. The minimum recommended timeout is “150” seconds or higher. An attempt is made to override this value if the server allows it. A value of 0 (recommended) indicates that PHP has no time limits.

As I understand it, it depends how you set on the server php.ini

Help me please.


  • Well, we set those limits for a reason and to values which are reasonable for normal websites.

    I just Googled "duplicator plugin" and the results imply it's a Wordpress plugin. Can I assume you're using Wordpress?

    If you want to move a Wordpress site, I highly recommend to follow Wordpress' official documentation regarding moving wordpress rather than trying to use a plugin which needs to package your entire website contents through a script.

  • Yes, the site on wordpress. It is unfortunate that much faster transfer site

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