• Mr_Paimo
    September 19

    the domain

  • Mr_Paimo
    September 19

    mr Admin handsome
    i have been update server my domain server, and at least more than 72 hour for propagation time, but my website still can't be access..give me best solution....

  • coremike
    September 18

    Can you help me to reinstall htdocs?
    User: epiz_20638967

  • mZeG9N
  • QF092017
    September 5

    I have Google Suite and can't configure MX entries.... I've already added G suite entries, but can't delete the default from infinity free. I get this: Error #459346986 Please contact supportMX Records can not be altered on subdomains Please help asap. Thank you!

  • srikanth
    September 4

    Hey admin can u help me how can I install free ssl on my site. your help is much appreciated thanks in advance. Thanks for providing this free service for anybody to create their own website.

    August 30

    Dear Team,

    My user name : epiz_20453908
    my website name is :

    Dear Team,
    According your guideline i set MX Records :, and i create some mail id's.
    when i use mails id i send mails to others mails id's user by gmail,yahoo, or others, but when they are send mail to my mail id , That time any mails not hist in my inbox or spam/junk file, kindly give me solution what i do?

  • maickolxd
    August 30

    what i do when
    receive this message
    Access denied for user 'epiz_20605188_CV_MVC'@'' (using password: YES)

  • DarkWob
    August 24

    Sitelerimin Neden Askıya alındını bilmiyorum ve geri açılırmı lütfen geri açılsınlar

  • amador
    August 24
    I can not connect to the FTP server

    I am not able to log in "filezilla", "ES file explorer'" or other all of the error (FTP server not found)
    I put all the correct information

    (I'm Brazilian, I'm using Google translator.)
  • Raj-1234
    August 22

    How can i upload my website on internet

  • dhananjay
    August 5

    Sir can you please guide me with the steps to activate my free ssl by your service to my website?

  • RevolucionWeb
    July 28

    Error #459346986 Please contact supportMX Records can not be altered on subdomains

  • webkids
    July 21

    Thank you admin to create such hosting service

    July 21

    Thank you so much for making InfinityFree, the experience has been great for me =D

  • Abhitomer
    July 12

    Hi Admin,
    I have received this mail from your team.


    Your account was suspended because you signed up with an e-mail address under the domain. E-mail addresses under that domain are frequently used by abusers, which is why the domain name has been blacklisted.

    I have reactivated your account, but please change your e-mail address to another e-mail address (like Gmail, or Yahoo, for example). Please do so immediately, because if you haven't changed your e-mail address within 24 hours after reactivation, your account will automatically be suspended again.

    You will need to change the e-mail address for both your client area and for all your hosting accounts.

    So i need to tell you that i have already changed my email id for this account and used "" domain.
    Then also my account was suspended.
    Can you tell me the exact cause of this issue i am facing.

  • Newuser
    June 19
    I see there is a big issue in the internet now to move sites to https. I have noticed some pages on my website when using my browser yandex give me a website not secure message -return. This is very worrying. This seems like a very complex task for me to solve. Is there anyway way i could pay you to sort this out for me? Or you could recommend someone for me? I would like to solve it early coz my website is pretty new.
  • June 4

    I'm the owner of InfinityFree and XVHOST, and happy to help answer questions on the forum.

  • Yura_poz
    May 23
    If I use site builder do I need to put powered by infinity free or something?
  • Goranko
    May 21

    InfinityFree is better than other web hosting sites.

  • Ceasar
    April 18
    Please how can i upload things on my website
  • justine-mgore56
    January 14

    I have a problem, my website is not running. once I type the url/domain name it takes me to infinityfree page. this is the output "Congratulations! Your website is up and running!"
    Can u please help me.

    • Admin
      Sure, just post your question on the forums! It's what they're there for.
  • bbot22
    January 2

    Um, I've sent you an email that I am still the default member rank on the new forum system. Thought that you did not check in e-mail so often, so I decided to notify you here on the forum wall as you check the forums more often...

  • December 2016

    Super excited about our new forum!

  • Admin imported data.
    December 2016
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