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Founder of cPanel X3 still available and creating many errors by doing so! Whoever wants anything that is related with InfinityFree or WordPress, post on my wall or tag me at your posts. I am not official Supporter, Moderator or something, but I will try to help as much as I can. You can also PM me at pctipsgr@tuta.io


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  • Seriezloaded

    @ChrisPAR Can I be able to add a text that will always end in my posts writeup in WordPress eg

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    Can I add the text automatically to all my posts ending without typing it myself?

    June 16
    • ChrisPAR
      yes you can, there is a specific plugin for it, called Bottom of every post
      Download it from https://wordpress.org/plugins/bottom-of-every-post/
      The text must be in HTML format, so if you want it to be bold or have headlines either use HTML tags or write it first in TinyMCE (WordPress writer), then go to Text, copy the text as it is in HTML format and paste it.
      Read the readme, if you need more help just say it.
    • Seriezloaded
      Thanks so Much.. Another question is that is there an app for android that can enable me view my website email without logging to my control cpanel
    • ChrisPAR
      I don't think so, I don't know, sorry.
      Try to ask this on WordPress Forums they might be able to help you more.
  • Ranakhas

    @ChrisPAR did you join quora?

    June 11
  • Friendifie-Inc

    @Nozomi might need some Wordpress assistance.

    June 7
    • Ranakhas
      Ohh! He should ask himself
    • ChrisPAR
      @Nozomi has a private blog and I am not allowed to see anything except that he/she has the plugin Login Customizer, but if he/she asks I will be happy to help.
  • sam111

    how do i increase the php execution time ??

    yaa ini .. how do i do that ?? i have creat a ini fine in my htdocs folder still it same execution time 20sec . i want 30 sec

    June 3
    • ChrisPAR
      Did you see my new answer @sam111?
  • sojwal
    can u help me with wordpress
    May 19
    • ChrisPAR
      About what do you want me to help you?