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Now I have more than 300 views on profile! Wow!


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  • Now I have more than 300 views on profile! Wow!
    May 11

    sir thank you what is the storage space of infinityfree free user

    May 10
    • Ranakhas
      There is no limit of storage but some limits are
      Maximum File Size Upload Limit = 10MB
      Maximum Post Size = 10MB
      inodes limit is 30100 or so means 1 inode = 1 Mail which you can't use more than 1 or 2 GB storage thus I recommend to use external Media storage services. never upload photos to your site because you can host it for free on many sites.
  • Ranakhas changed their profile picture.
    May 5
    • Tesseractan
      Hello, I'm Amadeus and I have the following problem:
      My domain is http://tesseractan.epizy.com/ and everything was OK til yesterday evening when I wanted to change style of my frontpage: http://tesseractan.epizy.com/ by editing the http://tesseractan.epizy.com/index.css file. And I was deleting the old index.css file from server and pasting the new one in place of it. My website should have now a JS colorful animation and white heading "Tesseractans", but on my phone http://tesseractan.epizy.com/ shows old text "Good night" and my computer shows still the JS animation without white "Tesseractans" heading and navigation bar at the top. And then another problem started: http://tesseractan.epizy.com/index.html shows error 404 while http://tesseractan.epizy.com/ shows an old version of my website. I lost control over server files in my domain. I can't upload anything. Please help. Greetings, Amadeus.
    • Ranakhas
      It's Working fine now I suggest you to rename index.css with other name while it doesn't matter even index.js or index.css but it's only my suggestion or host satis files at github also reduce server pressure
  • DhananjayS

    Can you give your email plzz?

    April 20
    • Ranakhas
      Sorry Email is a very private thing can't be provided here on Forums but you can contact me Here if you want! on WhatsApp number +92 343 633 75 83
      BTW I'm Pakistani!
    • Ranakhas
      Email: ranakhas @ outlook . com