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  • So, I hope, other error pages would also work fine.
  • Oh. Yeah. Didn't notice that site.pro stuf. Removed that and it worked! Thanks!
  • @javiermusical I haven't very well understood what you've meant.
  • Clearing cookies doesn't help. Cache is what might be responsible.
  • Also, logs include nothing of today.
  • Just checked .htaccess again and found one error. In cPanel, I had used the full URL like: https://www.thevhgroup.ml/404.html and so, in .htacces, it was converted to http://https://www.thevhgroup.ml/404.html. I thought that was giving me the error …
  • Yeah. Of course. You can use < iframe>. Search on Google how to embed website. It's easy. You just have to copy paste a code.
  • You sure you're good with the configuration? And I hope you mean, you're trying to connect phpMyAdmin from the CPanel and not the software. On free accounts, you can not connect to databases remotely.
  • @DhananjayS said: Yes! I've but I want to know if our inode limit is exceed, is our account Suspended? Yes, I think it's mentioned in that article (I didn't read it again, but, I think I remember reading it there or somewhere). Your accou…
  • Yeah, it's a good news, of course. But, just letting you know that there are a few website builders that run offline on your PC and put no watermark on your websites. You might want to try them out. I, personally am using Adobe Muse (It's shut down …
  • Okay. Thank you for the help!
  • Okay. Thank you for that info. So, just 2 more things: 1) If needed, do I just have to copy-paste the code as it is at the end of my current .htaccess? 2) Does this tell browser to reload resources from the server or do the users have to clear…
  • I have asked CloudFlare about this issue, but, till they reply, I just want to know something they had mentioned in thier support articles. They say that, no matter what value you set as browser cache expiration time, if the server has a configur…
  • Yeah. The apache script from that website worked! Thanks for the help!
  • I was polite the first time I told you. If you make us repeat the same simple thing, I don't know who's gonna be able to keep his/ her calm. Also, there are so many docs available in knowledgeable. Try to read them first. Search for stuff on Google.
  • @Maxcine I repeat, InfinityFree IS NOT YOUR CLOUD STORAGE. So, stop embarrassing yourself in public.
  • Dude, seriously? Are you on drugs? We're talking about 10MB being the limit and you've reached till TB? That's really so damn retarded. If we exclude user data hosted on Facebook and Google, even they won't take TBs to just make their websites.
  • In the first code in the comment above, I tried including the UAs mentioned in the scripts from the link I have given, but, that threw a 500 error.
  • * I found this one, but, I don't know which all UAs to incude in mobile browser: RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} Opera RewriteRule ^abc.html$ http://example.com/xy/opera.html [R=301] * I found this website: http://detectmobilebrowsers.c…
  • Did you just read my commnets about CloudFlare? I also said, as long as your website is working, don't worry about errors.
  • I don't know why you're even using it? As long as your site is accessible, you don't need to check for error. If you really want to, you can check in browser's console, you'll see a hell lot of them on most sites. (including Facebook's own website a…
  • Yeah. As I have said in my OP, most codes gave me 500 error. I have also posted this on Stack Overflow since a week, but, nothing there too.
  • @Admin Okay. Thanks for that info. I'll surely try out with Development mode.
  • @Admin Can you please give me the full code that I might need to redirect users from thevhgroup.ml/Product(s)/Koditor/editor to thevhgroup.ml/unavailable.html? I'm not very good with .htaccess codes yet.
  • @Admin Yeah, but as I said, I don't really think it's CloudFlare issue as when I'm clearing the cache of my browser I'm able to see the changes. So, it's probably not CloudFlare's cache that's causing the problem, it's the cache of my browser.
  • Yeah. Almost. Just that, I don't want to redirect to /newfolder I want to redirect to a webpage like /newpage.html. But yeah, either ways, the code should almost be the same. So, yeah, you've now understood the problem.
  • I'm saying, I don't want to resize my content to browser width in that folder. I want to resize the folder to another webpage if it's visited from a mobile device.
  • Well, as of now, my site's looking fine. It's here: brokenhearts.ml My described problem usually occurs when I use some external scripts like the web push notification script, or the comment script. It doesn't update as soon as I publish my website.…
  • Exactly. That's what's being responsive. What am I asking is, I want to 'redirect' a folder of my website to another webpage when it's visited from a mobile device. Because, the script I'm using is not made by me and I haven't really made its css fo…
  • Sir, with all due respect, No is my answer! I know how to make responsive websites. I just want to redirect a particular subdirectory. For example, main website can be here: domain.tld which is responsive! I have many more websites which I hav…