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  • You can transfer it here as far as I know through DNS Changing (Name Server)
  • Each time I access my site from that domain it always redirects me to your suspended domain webpage. So how the hell would you say that it is not your problem? Tell me, it is your fucking problem so fucking solve this one! Shit support.
  • It is not their problem. The problem is your hosting! You know why? You always insert suspendeddomain.org popups on every hosting you provide thus adding complicated dns servers. Now my real problem is that, I have already followed the specified ins…
  • I have the same problem, I already deleted my domain from their hosting for a day but still when accessing, it goes to their suspended domain advertisement and not to my new host.
  • My first hosting is working fine when connected and used cloudflare. It can also generate keys but the second one can't. even the cloudflare can't work anymore. If I try to tick the button for always use http it doesn't use it
  • To be honest with you, I am using a cloudflare provided comodo ssl certificate wherein I'll only need to connect my domain. My problem is that the 2nd hosting I have made can't generate any private keys nor csr. I've filled in all the fields yet whe…
  • Use SSL provided by Comodo but this website can't support installation. You'll only get the error the certificate is not for your domain.
    in SSL and HTTPS Comment by shinji April 15
  • Cool website, in every corner your site got errors and it is stated so it would be easy to fix if you know PHP well