10000 forum users celebration - special event

Hello everyone :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

The forum has reached :one::zero: :zero::zero::zero: users

congratulations to everyone :tada::balloon::tada::sparkles::balloon::sparkles::boom:

Because of that we have something special

How to redeem a coupon

  1. Click on coupon image and download it
  2. Print it in 10,000 copies
  3. Bring all copies with you and present them in any bar/pub/disco/church
  4. Claim your free beer


If they reject you - use a verbal threat, for example:
“if you don’t give me a free beer I will throw all those 10k coupons in the air, right here, right noWWWW !!”

If they reject you AGAIN - there must be something wrong with your 10k coupons !

  • Are you sure you printed them in 24bit color at 200dpi on glossy photo paper ?
  • Transported them in a large cardboard box wrapped with bubble wrap ?
  • Did you cut the edges neatly with scissors ?

I think I drank too much beer - look at your coupon and if it looks like image below you are probably right

I no longer know where I am - OK… the basic rule is to look at your coupon, so if it looks like this

then please count (e.g. coupons) from 1 to 10k - you should feel better after completion (elapsed time)

if ( $feelBetter=true ){    //  for debugging purposes
    echo 'Thank goodness !';
} else {  
    echo 'Let someone call 112<br>Help me !';

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to drink beer - please print this coupon and follow the instructions as you would with a beer coupon


I am bored - no problem ! you can always print this super mega 3D coupon

and hang it on your bedroom wall, have fun but also a memories for several generations of your family !
You can tell your grandchildren in the future, how… long ago… you were a member of this forum and the InfinityFree family :slight_smile:

Just imagine a moment when your grandchildren live on Mars and you visit them…
and at one point you give them this picture as a gift !


The material and information contained on this post is for joke purpose only.

Don't click here ( only for forum staff )

serverAccessKeys.dump (336 Bytes)


Eh . . . ? I am totally printing the 10k coupons.

But I guess buying 2 beers would be more cost effective.

I am confused.

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Maybe i'm first who does art for I.F



Hahahah good one :joy:
indeed, it is more profitable !!!

Congratulations !
we knew there was a hacker inside you :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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If I was not there, it would be 9999 members

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I didn’t want to write here until now, but I want some beer…

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@Ergastolator1, you aren’t even of legal age yet.

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Buddy in my school. Someone smokes Marijuana (?) although they’re teenagers. Beer is a small thing by rating it :joy:
(WDK who does but it is weird)
At this age. Everything is changed.

Edit: out of joking. I’ve found some burnt weed leafs in school yard. which makes sense.


I know right, but that was a joke. I didn’t ask I want it really.


Sunday lunch and beer awwww :bone: :beer:

Is any of you have figured out a secret message in the coupon?
so far we have given enough hints

I found “The InfinityFree staff loves you” after scanning the barcode available on the coupon with the online scanner available on the dump file.


Congratulations to you too @Ergastolator1 :grinning:


the Mystery successfully published…

but why did i found infinityfree.net instead?

edit: maybe i did vice versa :thinking:

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you are not scanning a barcode but a QR

we actually used specially designed colors of pixels so they form a kind of integral circuit IC.
Each color has a different chemical composition… they form PNP and NPN transistors…
and if you print out the coupon and connect the voltage to specific points
5v (polarity is also important) you will get another secret message…
if you do it in complete darkness :sunny:


Nvm it was QR:crazy_face:

Let’s do it…

Although i’m confused!

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I don’t have a colored printer at home, so I can’t print the coupon and then connect 5V to specific points, respecting also the polarity, but thanks for the compliment!

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10000000V should be used for black and white :joy:


But I don’t have those 10 MV :joy:


isn’t that a bit big?