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Good luck with your work and pet those cats :heart_eyes_cat: :cat2: :cat:




(Fun fact I actually entered that address into my browser and webroot blocked it thank the Lord)


(This is from replit sites I made that I don’t maintain anymore, but I feel like the login system might be a bit vulnerable, but probably not enough for them to do it without having an actual person try to break in)

Also, sometimes when holding my computer with one hand (the right side, where the gpu is located) the screen will go black, or just recently I got the green squares or bars and after readjusting my hand it froze. Both times I have to restart and the PC says it was shut down unexpectedly. What is happening? Am I squeezing the gpu in some way? But wouldn’t it just break for good?

Also, why green and why bars? Does the GPU process data in large cubic chunks?


Probably the LCD cable loses contact when you squeeze a certain place

Does it happen if you move the lid too?

It is also possible that the GPU contacts (that whole area around) are no longer ideal due to overheating.

because it is probably only one of the wires that carry certain information for the horizontal ones

depending on the model, the cable looks like this
and often loses contact in these places
or the pins have no good contact or a bad “crazy” contact (2 pins connected to each other instead of isolated)

Is your laptop under warranty? repair service?
until some more valuable component was burned due to wild contacts.
Of course, remove the SSD before you give it to them so they don’t dig into your files :slight_smile:


@Steve2854 WB :hugs:

Are you alive ? How are you ?


I am fine @Oxy thank you for asking :grin: I just came by to check on the BETA SSL certificate installation, I’m renewing my certificate and when I saw that message I had to check into it. Appears that is for Cloudflare users, I’m just fine doing the manual install and keeping things how they are.

And yes, I’m still alive :joy: I have been shooting a lot of pool recently, it’s become my new hobby, I’ve had a table since 2002 and didn’t play on it very much, but since retiring last year I play on it every day. You would be surprised to hear that once a person retires they just don’t have the time to do things, lol. I will try and come around a bit more often, it won’t be long and the weather will be getting cold so there won’t be much outside activity.

Nice chatting with you, and again thank you for noticing I was on the site and sending a message, you are very considerate :hugs:


Of course we haven’t forgotten you
I’m glad you’re having fun :slightly_smiling_face:

I think auto (beta) installation is for all certificate types
we just didn’t edit the other FAQ/KB articles, but I only edited the one about CF(full)
with new images that include AUTO

Because I’m actually waiting for us to get out of beta and then make screenshots without beta texts in them


Yeah, I should probably check how the thing has been behaving. There having been astonishingly little posts about it (I expected it to be quite fragile). So I’ll make some time soon to go through the logs and see if there is anything I’ve missed. But based on what we’ve seen so far I think it’s safe to remove the label.


I was wondering if it was the LCD, but I don’t think so. Moving the screen does nothing.

It was under 1 year warranty which expired now, so uh… yeh not fun.

My GPU heats up quite a bit, but I don’t think that it would be that it melted (the NVIDIA 3060’s I have heard can easily take 85 C, which is what I’ve maxed it out on). If I take it in for “repair” it will either a) melt again (if that is the case) or b) cost a lot of money for something that will probably go wrong again (Alienware laptops, as I have seen, at least mine, are not really for carrying around).

I assume maybe that by applying pressure I am somehow either shorting the contacts or, possibly like you said losing that touch for some of them causing a system hang and reset.

I do squeeze it in a backpack with other stuff, but it should be able to handle it.

The SSD that contains the OS will be fine if I remove it (after having it shut down, of course), right? I do think that it would be that way…

Most likely is the display cable which @Oxy had said.
Just order the replacement part and follow Youtube tutorial to carry out the repair

Ah…the beauty of warranty. Laptop manufacturers really know how to time it so that they can make $$$$…


Nice new profile icon, @anon46092769 !


Just about to say that myself! I love it!


When I first saw it, I thought that someone new had come into the forum.


Same here! Much better.


LOL meant that, sorry.

Yeh, it actually might be that (the GPU is on the other side, but I got it mixed up because my POV switches when I turn it upside down).

I mean, it happens if I hold it with one hand (so I’m basically squeezing hard). I don’t think a 5 pound laptop is meant to take that, so it could just be my bad (works fine otherwise, and only occasionally happens).

If it starts to happen a lot, then maybe I’ll think about it (I’m just fretting that because it even happens, I think it should have been broken by now, but maybe it was just a squeezing or something that prevented the signal from going through, IDK).

Plus, I can’t find the part on their website and I don’t dare replace it because it’s so darn packed (I have to take literally everything off just to clean out the fans, which I will have to do sometime).


It’s better not to do it if you don’t have experience especially because you would probably break a lot of plastic hooks that hold certain parts of the mask.
But if you dare, you can always have something unique :joy:

I emphasized that it is probably about the contacts of the LCD cable

because there are about 30-40 pins in a very small space

like this on MB

and then the same ones from the cable come to those pins above
and if it moves by less than a millimeter, there is no longer a proper connection

probably if you hold the laptop at one end
a large force acts on the other end (like a lever) and the laptop bends
during that bending, it is possible that something moves to the point where it loses its connection

That LCD cable is often placed in the grooves on the plastic mask and led all the way around to the display

So well,as the plastic moves due to your pressure or holding it with one hand, that cable probably moves and loses contact somewhere on connectors.

Unless contact is lost directly somewhere on the motherboard due to cold solder (variations in temperature cause the metal to expand and contract, which eventually leads to “contact holes”)

but fine as long as it doesn’t stay that way permanently
which would be possible especially because plastic and metal retain that state when heated


Yeh. It’s less of an experience thing and more of a constant anxiety of me thinking I will break something, but I’ve taken apart broken laptops pretty well and installed a new SSD in June with no problems. I just don’t like that I have to take everything apart.

I took 133 pictures/movies in just 1 day (the day I am posting this on) and 245 images/movies total.

Want a dump?

(jk, a lot of them are blurry and most are over the 4mb file limit)

Found some cute (and some uh… very very pitiful and painful) photos of animals.

I’ll do the first image though, free of charge.

It’s my down payment

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You should upload them to Unsplash!

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I don’t feel like downloading and checking the metadata, so I’ll just ask directly, what camera did you use?


Fujifilm xp120.

I don’t know if the metadata has that, but it may (I ran the pic through a photoshop program).

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