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Trying to make a subdomain on my domain, any ideas?

did you add the wiki… as a subdomain here on hosting ?

because that doesn’t work either


My subdomain is akshayan.afhstudio.ml

full vs flex ?

Flexible works, but I need Full for Arc.

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if you use full, then you must also have a cert on the hosting (self-sign)


Self-Signed, alright. I was probably using Let’s Encrypt.

I mentioned the wiki because of this


btw. add utf-8 as a declared charset inside the HTML code


Oh, that. Supposed to be changed a few days ago.

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How do you know?

IP address?

(I know that you can see that as a mod)

Also, 'nuther one?

(Yeh I’m kinda obsessed with inabakumori now)

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InfinityFree has its own satellites to check where anyone is :slight_smile:

I’m kidding, in general, you can’t see for sure,
but what is done with geo location for some IP is to do trigonometry

It means that an IP is pinged from three or more locations and the response time is monitored
and that’s how the location is calculated

Or for example with some sites that offer a speed test
where you can notice that it automatically chooses the closest server to you
and it knows this by sending a request to some surrounding servers via JS (on your side when you visit the page) and the response time is calculated again
so the one with the lowest ping is considered the closest to you.

Of course, in most cases, you will not get someone’s house, but a DSLAM or another form of hub that then internally sends it all to your private IP.

btw. also my ISP deliberately lies (privacy) and every time offers a different city as a result, and in addition, they also do offload the network and then connect where there is less traffic, so you get a “weirder result” again.

But many of these GEO location services have their own database and then after some time of tracking and analyzing the data they can say with much more certainty where someone is from.




What if the robot committed suicide ? :scream: :thinking:


My MOFH hosting service has a speedtest.


Nice :slight_smile:

I put custom speedtest from ookla on my website, because they have servers (contracts) everywhere,
so the test is more accurate than if I test someone from my hosting from the UK and the user is, for example, from Australia. Users also like the test that shows them the highest speed :joy:
So it is better that the test server is in “their yard”.



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what does that 110 mean unless it’s some secret?


Nothing much interesting (only that it’s hot)…

Well, before I used fbp1 (my initials) and then sometimes the username was not available, so I put 110 and now I use it instead


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I heard that the IPs also have geographical data (what number is assigned varies somewhat correlated to area), and I’ve also heard that they hold samples in the database of IP addresses from various places, and if the former is somewhat true then the latter will be accurate enough.

Also, a quick google search tells me that there are numerous ways, so it may or may not use your method or the one I know.