1st time website creator, used mobirise, some pics not uploading

**My website URL is:**www.hairlovesalontaylorville.com

What I’m seeing is: some of my pics have loaded some do not. Slideshow pics do not load, but photo gallery pics do load

I’m using this software: mobirise, its ftp uploader, filezilla, chrome

Additional information:
Just opened a salon August 1st, thought I could build a website on my own. I just need the basics to get myself onto google. I used mobirise to design a page. I used filezilla to upload to infinityfree/the domain i purchased. It only loaded gallery pics and not the pics on the slideshow. It also did not load pics on our team page.

I’m super new, haven’t designed a webpage since angelfire days when I was like 12. Please go easy on me. :slight_smile:

Using the file manager, can you post a screenshot showing different directories? It seems to me like images are leading to a 404 page, so by looking at the file manager it could help identify the problem.

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I checked your account and it seems like the folder called assets is missing entirely, while that folder is being referenced to many times from within your website itself. Can you please make sure that the assets folder from your website builder is uploaded?

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I think I may have figured it out. halfway. The site works on my phone but still missing pics on the chrome website.

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