2002 - Connection refused - MySQL

I have just uploaded my website files via FTP. During the setup process, I am required to enter MySQL database info. I made a new SQL database then copied the correct details over such as DB Username, password, hostname, using port 3306. I left the database address as which I presume to be correct. I have definitely entered all the details correctly, even tried making another DB and changing the password to no avail. All it returns is 2002 - Connection refused.

The database host is not localhost nor here on InfinityFree! You can find the database host on the “MySQL Databases” section of your control panel.

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First of all, thank you for the speedy reply. I do appreciate it.
Some progress made with the info you provided, I have now changed from to the DB host and now it’s returning this message. The password is definitely correct.

1045 - Access denied for user ‘epiz_24485560’@‘’ (using password: YES)

Update* DB seems to be using the old password still after being changed. I have now gained access using the old password. Thank you for taking the time to help me. Have a great day/night wherever you may be.

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Not really a good thing, You cannot access to phpmyadmin if it stays at old password. it may also creates problem while setting up an new software. you can want admin to resets password for you.

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Interesting find! If there is a way to change the hosting account password which does not change the database password, we should fix that.

How did you change the hosting account password exactly? Through the client area or the password reset function of the control panel?

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I changed the password through the client area, Edit Account > Hosting Account Password. I read that the vPanel password is the same for SQL and FTP. After changing it stuck with my old password for that strangely enough.

This could be a bug in the hosting platform API. I’ll try to verify this for myself and will make sure that this gets fixed. Thanks for the information!

I’ll also make sure that your password is fixed, but it looks like your account is currently suspended for hitting a limit, so I can’t reset it right now.

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