4 days now on CloudFlare Error 525: SSL handshake failed

It has been 4 days now the issue hasn’t be resolve. Admin try to put pressure on Ifastnet to repair this issue. You are doing great job for us. Some people here not website developer. Seeing our site down for days.
We are still have patient here.
Please, try.

My website https://junakuvat.ml has the same problem. My fans are angry when they don’t can see pictures of finnish trains anymore from me.

Try to read this at the moment to see all possible workarounds:

I suggest to try with the first one first.

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same issue with website too, when will u fix it infinity…anyone

I mean. It looks a bit hard to fix. However or wait or try Admin’s solutions at this moment :slight_smile:

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Like I wrote in the announcement: this issue will take a while to fix for custom domains, so you should really apply a workaround. It’s OK if you don’t want to apply the workarounds. But then don’t come here and complain that it’s taking too long to fix, when you could have fixed your own website yourself already.

Also, I can try to put pressure on iFastNet, but then I would be putting pressure on the support staff. I can’t make iFastNet’s systems engineers work faster, just by asking nicely (or not nicely).

I agree that this is taking too long to fix and this is getting annoying. I also don’t have the means to fix this any faster myself, and I share the feeling of wanting to do something about it. But I know that just complaining more to people who can’t fix the issue either is not helping anyone.


Try the method with one of my websites. It works but Images don’t appear on my site. When I use the browsers it said images are not secured if accept it the images appear but if I deny it the images will not appear. Is there any solution?

Enabling “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” in Cloudflare should fix that.

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Ok I will try it

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