403 on a page that is in the right directory?

My website is working for every single navigation bar, but the one that is called “score tracker” goes to a 403 forbidden page. The Page exists, it’s in the right folder, and the URL is right where it should be… but it’s throwing a 403 error… why?

what is the url?


score tracker link:


Files with names containing “track” or “chat” are forbidden on free hosting. Try to rename it to something else.

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Wow… that was exactly the issue.

That is stupid as all hell. Why the hell would file names be censored by default because of it saying track or chat? That is literally the worst thing I ever heard of when it comes to web hosting.

That is beyond stupid.

not issue! chat or track codes are forbidden in I.F and at least system tries to detect them by their file name :confused:

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That’s a piss poor way of handling it, and quite frankly a way to turn away a user, rather than solving the problem. Not a good design choice at all.

Believe me, we’ve tried many, many, other ways to properly detect chat scripts and other scripts which overload the servers. None of them have worked sufficiently well. I completely agree that this solution is ugly, but know that we wouldn’t have chosen this solution if we knew of a better way.


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