404! We couldn’t find that page


Hi I cannot find the Groups page for my website.
As soon as I click it, it says 404 page not found.
Yet there is a link for him, a html page , css, everything.

404! We couldn't find that page

Sorry, the website



The issue is quite simple: the pages you are linking to do not exist on the account.

For example, you have a link to http://patinageligneronnais.rf.gd/School.html But there is no filed called School.html on your account. Please make sure that all website files have actually been uploaded.


Hi, this time it’s index who bug and the link it’s exactly same for every webpage. i don’t understand why ?
Thank’s for the before problem and for him.


I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your message. Which index are you referring to? What’s the “bug”? What is exactly the same for every web page (and shouldn’t be, I guess)?


My webpage “index” or “home” does not appear when we click on himand this for every webpage of the website.



I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand it. You say that your home page does not show up if you click “him”? Who or what is “him”?

If it helps, it may be easier to explain with a screenshot. If you can show a screenshot of the link you click and/or what you see instead, that might help a lot to explain what you see.


It’s the link “index.html” his name is ACCUEIL look the little block gray under ACCUEIL.

i espere that these screen shot helped you to understand



@lelennn please clean your browser cache (CTRL + F5)
or try with another browser


No it does’nt work and thank’s but I think that it’s over for this subject.

thank you everyone and infinity free for the free subdomain.

Admin you can delete this subject.

thank 's

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