800 visitors today. 0 shown in stats?

Today there is some 800 visitors to my post where I have posted my website link but in my daily hits stats it shows 70 daily hits only. My website links are posted in many places on the internet.

Does it mean there is 0 visitors from 800 visitors? It is near impossible that nobody clicked my website link.

Is the daily hits stats working ?

I believe it is counting incorrectly. I remember i reached 50% one of limits but there weren’t any data about Daily hits.

Which is funny impossible.

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you should be happy about that, at least you won’t reach your daily hit limit while the number of people how actually visited your website will be far more

How do you know there were 800 visitors?


It doesn’t alters anything about the actual hits. Only its counter is bugged. That even if it be always 0, It is possible to reach the limits.

Today it shows

Inodes Used 2% (543)

Daily hits 0% (89 of 50000)


Where exactly do you see the 800 visitors? Which tool or service recorded those figures?


In forums you will see 25 replies 2000 views for a topic. That is it.

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