A free website

There is a fix for that:
If you want the domain awesomesite, simply add one of the following TLDs to it (.ml, .ga, .gq or .cf).
For example, instead of searching for awesomesite, you can search for awesomesite.ml and it will check the domain correctly and it will add it to your cart (unless someone already has it).
For more information on how to get a Freenom domain, you can see this article from Greenreader9:

(On step 5 of the guide, add the following nameservers: ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com)
(.tk does not work on InfinityFree)


“As of the time of writing, Freenom always says “Not Available” whenever you click on the blue “Get It Now” button.” what kinda sadist would program the site that way.
thanks for your help

decided not to use frenom.
how do i get a free domain name from infinity free?

“We provide free subdomain, free hosting, and a free website builder.”
is the pro website builder free for a limited time. i need it forever!
thanks everyone

.lovestoblog.com i am guessing this is my domain. yes i have the name before the dot!
thanks all

I ask the same question. It’s why I made that guide and a YouTube video.


Glad you figured it out!


who or what is monsta?

Monsta is the name of the group that created the online file manager.


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