A question about the account statiscs graphic

hello infinityfree forum i come here to make a question about the resource usage graphic on account statiscs , my daily hits and cpu graphic are showing incorrect values , today 1 st octcober i checked my graphic to see the results or if was going reset , and next i checked the account statistic graphic and it saying that today i used around 30 thousand daily hits and i only used 142 of my daily hits (0 per cent ) (that value is showed on vista panel) , check the images above , i think that is one bug with the system , because the resource graphic and bandwith used never reseted every month and he keeps adding up the results of the previous months since i use the free host platform.

My question is : the resource usage graphic and bandwith used reset the results every month or not ? , because my graphic resource usage never reset and adding up the results + previous months and then show the incorrect results.

Note : i am not using infinityfree , but i am using another host server that is reseller from ifast.net (that host is called http://4sql.net) and that problem that i mentioned above Occurs , and i know infinityfree its a reseller from ifastnet , from that reason i come here to make that question to know if the account resource usage graphic + the bandwith usage reset every month or not . Thanks

my graphic resources usage

link : https://i.postimg.cc/wjQFbQWJ/results2.png

my daily hits used on vistapanel :


The Inode & Hits limit reset daily, you do not need to worry about Bandwidth as you have an unlimited amount.

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Hello good afternoon and thank you for the welcome , yes i know that inodes & hits reset daily and also i know the bandwith are unlimited ,

the problem its the resource usage graphic on my account that are not showing the right results and keep showing incorrect results , for example , today i used 366 of my daily hits, and on graphic resources usage on mine account statistics show that i used more than 20 thousand daily hits today .

check the images and infos below .

on the cpanel main menu the results that are showing are perfectly correct , but if you see the image about my account statiscs graphic resource usage (shows another value that are not correct in this case more than 20 thousand hits used) and today i only used 366 of my daily hits (1 percent ) ,

here are the images.

the correct value of daily hits used on cpanel menu

and below are the results from the resource usage graphic on mine account statiscs

the incorrect value showed on account statiscs resource usage graphic

i’m worried with that because the graphic on my account statistics keep showing incorrect results and also keeps adding up the results of the previous months on the actual month, one day the graphic will reach to the red line , and after that could my account be suspended ? only because the graphic on my account statistcs show incorrect results ?

i also make regular backups of my website content and database to not losing anything. i spending per day around less than 10 percent of daily hits .

i hope that bug could be fixed.

Please note that the Inodes limit is a hard limit.

It does not reset everyday. It will only increase or decrease depending on the number of files and folders you have.


You realise that the graph is for the month not the day? The graph is a little strange, I must admit.

It isn’t an unknown thing that the graphs aren’t exactly that accurate nor easy to read or understand, but they are what we have for now


Please remember that both the graph and the stats counter are just snapshots of the internal values. If a graph shows weird data, it could be that the internal data is wrong, but also that the graph is wrong.

In this case, my first guess would be that your website is not hit equally across the 24 hour period. Or that you’re looking at the counter just after the daily counter has reset.

If in a month from now the current usage counters remain low but the usage in the graph is high.

But to that end, it would help a lot if you could migrate everything to InfinityFree. I’m willing to investigate this if there is strong evidence that this is a platform issue. But I can’t access accounts on other hosting brands, even if they use the same platform.


hello good afternoon to all and thanks for the responses , well the graphic when a new month start the results from the other previous month keeps constanting on the graphic resource usage on account statistcs and never reset or restart , and after that the results from the actual month keep adding up to resource usage graphic + the results from the other previous months , (the daily hits on vistapanel menu are working perfectly for me and resets everyday at midnight).

i also tried the byet.host free hosting and the problem also keeps , my website is a phpbb based forum , on my forum i disabled one pre-installed extension (called viglink) that used some of my resources , after i disabled that extension my forum spend less than 10 % of daily hits used per day when i have more than 50 visitors (actually i have around 20 visitors per day or less) , and thanks also for the infos , that problem i note that are not present only on 4sql.net , but also are present in byet.host free hosting .

i also tried testing byet.host to see the results and happened the same thing and the problem also keeps constantly , thanks for the answers and the advice

The graph is a bit… weird. The X axis is the day of the month. So the number 1 and 2 are from the 1st and 2nd of October. The numbers 3 until 30/31 are from September. The graph does draw a line between them, but that’s just a UI error.


hello admin , thanks for the help , now the problem are solved and now the graphic resource usage on my account statistics are now reset . and also thanks for the info.

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