A Record Creation


No Error Message but I am trying to create an A Record in my DNS Settings to point a sub domain to another IP Address. All I can find in the control panel settings is to set up a CNAME record. Is there a way to set up an A Record within the DNS to point a sub to a specific IP Address?

You will need to use Cloudflare for this. You can alternatively upgrade to premium hosting for full DNS support.


Hello May i know who is your DNS Provider? Also its recommended to use DNS Providers Like Cloudflare or he.net.

His domain is on InfinityFree Nameservers, and he wants to have is main domain here, but a sub-domain elsewhere (hence the need to create an A record).


Thanks for saying :wink:

I have changed it over to Cloudflare and will see if it works out :slight_smile:
Thank you for the help all!


Have a Good day!


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