Acces Denied Password yes MySQL


I have a problem when trying to send a message to my MySQL database. Whenever i try to submit the form i get the Connection failed: Connection failed: Access denied for user ‘epiz_26850669’@‘’ (using password: YES)\ Error Message

A friend of mine from my class has exactly the same php and code but with her it works. I searched everything but can’t get it to work?

If Someone can help me, please!

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Check your database connection file and make sure your credentials and correct as per what the InfinityFree page says. If this doesn’t work, check your MySQL Admin from the cPanel.


a classmate of mine had the same problem and then you changed the password to be right. maybe that could help

There is nothing we can do that you can’t do as well.

To fix this issue, please first check if you can still access the control panel from the client area, and can access phpMyAdmin from the control panel. If any of those things don’t work, please see the following:

If that all works, please see this post instead for some suggestions on what the issue might be.


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