Accessing separately multiple hosting accounts


I have since some time an account linked to a site that I manage. Let’s say it’s my principal and personal site.

Lately, for educational purpose, I added a second hosting account to my client account: it is linked to another web site and - as opposite to my personal site - I would like that other people could access to control panel and upload html files.
Nevertheless, in this scenario I would not like any of them could “use” my client area.

I know Infinityfree doesn’t allow to have more than one client account, but there is a way to accomplish the separation of access I need (i.e. other teachers can enter in the CP of the “shared site/hosting account” without previously entering in my client account area)?


Create back up!!
Then create new account for the teachers or anybody!
Then add the domain in that account !
Then reinstall the backup which you took earlier!!
So if they want they can access without entering your accounts credentials!

You cannot do that, as you can only create one main account per person.

@archaeologica, On your second hosting account, you will find the username and password that is unique for that account. These credentials will work on both the control panel ( and the filemanager ( for that one account only, they cannot be used to access the client area. Note that if you do share this information, YOU are responsible for all content that is uploaded, regardless of who actually uploaded it.


Thanks to both of you for replying.

I just checked @Greenreader9 solution and it works fine. I didn’t know CPanel could be accessed separately by the link you posted. Thank you.

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