Account suspended day in day out (again)

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I got a big problem with my account. It’s being suspended very often. One day it’s reactivated, and the next day my account is suspended again because I hit the I/O Limits . When I check the I/O used, it’s far below the limit every day.
I don’t have much traffic and I often clear the cache, but I keep on receiving emails saying that I utilised over 50% of daily resource limits even in the days when my account is suspended…
This must be an error, please help.
Thank you

Hello? Anybody help?

I mean. Do you use any web applications that reachs the i/o limit?

No. This thing happens to me from time to time. Last time, the admin said he would contact iFastNet to investigate.

it looks your account is corrupted. however do whatever Admin said. they won’t answer you fast. it’ll take a few to done

I did investigate and the problem was resolved shortly after. The “full” explanation is here:

Seeing how it seems to be just your account now, I suspect it’s actually your account hitting the IO limits this time.


No, the daily limit was not even reach, as you can see in the graph below:
So there is an error and I know it because I keep on receiving emails saying that I utilised over 50% of daily resource limits even in the days when my account is suspended. Please help me solve it.

No, it’s not hitting the IO limits and today is suspended again. :frowning: Please investigate the problem again. Thank you.

I don’t really have anything to check. The exact calculations and metrics are closely guarded secrets, and I have just as few ways to check what’s causing the exact usage of your account as you do.

Now, if there was strong evidence of something being wrong with the resource usage calculations, I would have something to go on. But so far you’re the only one reporting any problems with this. So I think it’s just your account’s usage which is causing this, not an issue with the hosting system itself.

If you want to know more about the resource usage, you could try to run your website on premium hosting and see what the resource usage does on there. On premium hosting, you have much more tools to debug resource usage than you do on free hosting.

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When I got:

  • ZERO activity in my account
  • ZERO activity on my blog
  • the graph showing that the daily I/O usage is always under the limit
  • mails about utilising over 50% of I/O daily resource limits, that I receive even in the days when my account is suspended

then there’s clear a bug.

My account is suspended again today. You’re the only one who can help, please…

To you it may be clear that it’s a bug, but I can’t verify points 1 and 2, so I can’t say for certain that this is not just caused by high traffic. And I can’t demand engineering hours based on an unverifiable claim from a single free hosting user.

So I stay with the answer I gave before.

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