Account Suspended For Abuse?



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Account is mysteriously suspended for abuse.

“Your account was suspended for abuse. InfinityFree monitors accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting servers.”

Other Information

I don’t understand what abuse. I am just making my website and there isn’t any reason why it was suspended. What abuse? How exactly am I abusing it? I was just making my website.

I have a like 6 wordpress plugin in it and I was developing one wordpress plugin. I do not understand why suspend without having a y good reason. Website wasn’t complete anyway … :expressionless:

Which WordPress plug-ins did you have installed?
Clearly, you were suspended for abuse. Please read the TOS before installing or creating anything on your website.


1.Wallets Bitcoin Altcoin Plugin
2.Wallets Coinpayments Adapter - Sub plugin of above
3.Wordpress Editor plugin
4.All in one security plugin
5.Login redirect plugin
6. my custom plugin which is extention of Wallets plugin to manage some additional security functions and customisation.

That was all the plugin I used.
My plugin had no issue. Everything was smoothly working.

There wasn’t any TOS breach misuse or anything. I read it.

Did you read it? No bitcoin is allowed, at all, no matter the reason.


This is your problem.

Read TOS 10:
“ * Bitcoin / cryptocurrency faucet sites”


This isn’t Crytocurrency Faucet site. It’s just a wallet. Faucet sites are loaded with advertisement and create lots of traffic hence it were not allowed on free accounts. But Wallets is just a website which has nothing to do with faucets. Hence No TOS breach

Yes, but the site detected Bitcoin/cryptocurrency related content, so it was suspended. Any digital wallet type thing will be suspended. You could try another free host for this, but I’m not sure one exists!


Sorry, your site will never come back again, Please request the support staff to get a backup via the a support ticket from the client area. Also, make sure to ask them about the content marked as abuse, as the answer here may not be very accurate.

Thanks, I contacted them with Support Ticket and gave them the functional details.
My account is now RELEASED and Working again.

I did say that it wasn’t a faucet website as it’s using a third party servers to handle any such (wallet based) operations and are not handled on Infinity Servers thus not using any server processes on infinity side. It uses much much less resources than a e-commerce website.


Congratulation @jester1987 !

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