Account Suspended while in devlopment

My website URL is:
I’m seeing this:
*Your account was suspended because you hit the *MySQL Usage Limits
Your account will be reactivated automatically in 23 hours from now.

I’m using this WordPress.

I’m not understanding how this is happening just as a result of developing the site without actually having any web traffic yet. If I can’t reasonably develop the site without actually using the site yet, how can one possibly complete development?

And, no CPanel access to be able to investigate in the mean time. I can’t even go in and see why this is happening. AND, I hadn’t even been working on the site for the past 12 hours. I know everyone has said that this error screen explains the issue, but no, not really. It basically tells you that it’s MySQL, but doesn’t really explain very well why, or what to do about it. Plugins? I only have a couple activated. Not sure where to go from here.

Mysql limit is different than other limits. If you execute a query that’ll get ton of results without control on them or even a mistake in a code that executes sql queries will reach this limit.

Many plugins means executing many mysql queries that can reach the limit.
You should read this:

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Read it all, checked everything (finally got in to cPanel). 2 plugins installed.

No custom scripts. Basic WordPress install with about 9 articles posted, most private until completed editing for content.
Inodes Used: 12 % (3511 of 30019)
MySQL databases 1/999
Disk space used 151 GB
Daily Hits Used 0 %
Bandwidth used: 0 MB

After getting an Inode warning while sitting at this same 12%, and with what I’m reading in this forum, it is becoming quite obvious that this is merely a tactic meant to persuade users to go premium.

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