Account Suspended

My account has been suspended for: hitting the cpu limit. I have since upgraded my account to Ultimate Premium and it’s still suspended.

What the fudge am i paying for if this is how you treat your customers then your losing them fast i’m extremely outraged and the way this is going i be canceling my Premium and moving on and pay for something that is worth paying for.

Purchasing a premium hosting account at iFastNet does not change the status of your free hosting account. But if you contact iFastNet, they should be able to migrate your website to their premium hosting for you. They are able to import your website at any time, even if the account is suspended.

In order to provide a true premium hosting experience, iFastNet uses completely separate systems to provide the premium hosting. This way, you don’t just get free hosting with slightly higher limits, but a true premium experience, with all the performance, stability and flexibility that includes. That is why accounts are not upgraded in-place, but instead have to be migrated to premium hosting.

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