Account temporarily suspended removal request

Can you please remove the suspension from my website. I am an amateur radio operator and I use the website for emergency communication resources for general public use. The website does not have any spam or any other forms of illegal content. I can’t afford to have a site suspended for 24 hours I am requesting that it administrator please remove the suspension and also not allow any further suspensions. You can’t even get access to the hosting if you decide to remove your account from the service

An account is not suspended for “no reason”. Did you check why was it suspended (in the suspension mail you received)?

That’s how free hosting works if it is suspended!

None of us can, even the admin I guess’

Your account was suspended because you have reached the daily hits limit. Because of this, it is suspended for 24 hours. Accounts are not reactivated earlier by request.

This limit is the same for all accounts. We’re not going to make exceptions for anyone, and definitely not going to completely remove all limits and abuse checks for individual accounts, regardless of who you are or what you’re using our service for.

We want to give everyone a fair chance to host their website with us. That means we need limit to prevent people from taking all the server power for themselves.

Yet apparently also can’t afford premium hosting. So what can you afford?

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something about a hit limit and i just put the site on here yesterdasy . seems to happen every time i’ve used this service for testing . But would like to make it my new home . funny how an admin can’t wow.

Have to learn this pi chart . How can i keep this from happening in the future ? I’ve heard removing themes and plugins sometimes helps . Is this true?

As your graph usage screenshots I seen they are spikes. This probably means you got a ddos attack. I recommend you activating cloudflare protection

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Like @DavidLinux said, add cloudflare to you site. read this guide by @Greenreader9:

Why? It doesn’t show hits.

I recommend against this. Our own security system is much more effective at stopping bots than Cloudflare is (unless you enable “I’m under attack” mode, but by then you’re usually too late already).

Also, while Cloudflare can reduce hits usage overall with caching, the graphs also show that the Entry Process usage is much higher than the limit. This is usually tied to PHP scripts being executed, which Cloudflare isn’t going to help much with.

can you use cloudflare for ssl if so how? I’m currently using the one with inifinty free.

I can’t use a credit card. being a special needs user free in my only option .

It’s in this guide.


I’ve never use cloudflare can use help by phone ? peer reading skills .

Just follow the guide. It’s quite simple actually.


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