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Softaculous → Wordpress
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I received today that my website is using more CPU than usual, which eventually suspended my website. I have no idea how can I pin-point what was causing the CPU over-usage…

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same here i have the same topic open still no answer

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Have a look at this page My account is suspended, what can I do now - Docs - InfinityFree Forum from The Knowledge Base page Docs - InfinityFree Forum under the heading Account Management. There are a couple of topics regarding Account Suspension in that section. Down lower on the left side under Fair Usage Limits the first topic is What does the CPU Limit mean? Maybe something on the Knowledge Base page can help.

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just like @FatDicksHeadShop is facing, my website was not operational and I was barely running wordpress installation and testing themes.

Thanks for the info anyways,

That’s the thing: there is no way to easily tell which piece of code causes high CPU usage. We measure CPU usage low on the system level and distill this to basic numbers per account. We don’t keep detailed traces and performance profiles of websites, because generating and storing such reports is much more costly than generating the page itself.

That said, like I wrote in @FatDicksHeadShop 's thread, could you please check your Cloudflare traffic stats?


yesterday my site was suspended for 24hrs and has passed this time, is saying that only 1 hour left, but I have waited this time and so far nothing …

My Site was just suspended once I loaded the page myself is it possible to not have to wait a full 24 hrs to get access to the site I will remove my mediawiki installation since no matter what host I use with mediawiki it reaches the CPU limit 10 days after setup with 1 Extension that makes the mediawiki install Mobile


@VisionLite I checked your account and see it is currently active. It has been suspended for 24 hours and 5 minutes.

Please note that:

  • The timer is rounded to whole hours. So if it says “1 hour left”, it could still be 1 hour and 29 minutes. If you want to know the actual time, you can check the counter in the control panel (which does show minutes) or check the suspension time in the Deactivation History, which is what the counter is based on.
  • After 24 hours, the account is scheduled for reactivation. It can take a few minutes for the reactivation to be completed.

@Sebastian94 I’m sorry, but I cannot reactivate your account earlier on request. You’ll have to wait for the full 24 hours for your account to be reactivated. Only upgrading to premium hosting can be done sooner, because iFastNet can import your website from the suspended account.

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@Admin Thanks for the response I was kinda hoping you could but thats understandable since I know some one would take advantage of the system If they could just contact admin to get unsuspended every time they got suspended

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