Active domain names redirect to

@Admin thank you for the swift response my site is up and running ( thanks again

@Admin Sorry, my website are redirect to suspendeddomain this time.
My wesite is and Ip

@Admin I didn’t spam anything my website actually redirects to suspended domain. But sometimes is working and sometimes not. I don’t know how to fix this problem. Please help me

Because you can’t! It’s an internal error, we are aware of it, and we are working on it!

My Website Is Down Too!


Please Help!

Just making a formal statement here:

This topic is about domains on active accounts that are redirecting to

If your account is suspended, or the issue you’re seeing is not specifically that it redirects to, this announcement is not meant for you and you should ask your question in a separate topic.

Any off topic messages posted will be deleted without warning.

If you do want to post here, please observe the following:

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is anyone here to help?

I’m still here. Just collecting information right now.

ok thank you!

Hi I tried to set up an account website (twice) today but it is being redirected to suspended account. I have done everything recommended. Deactivated, reactivated, etc but no luck. The domain name is

Administrative URL :

Please help me this is the first time I have tried this and I don’t know if the fault lies with me or is in the stars,
have a good day.
Cathy BajanWoman

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Hey there @BarbadosWoman, and welcome to IF!

Can you see if you have gotten an email pertaining to the suspension, or if there is a message in the client area? If you see nothing, it is probably related to the server upgrade. Either way, it’s not your fault. :slight_smile:
Let me know!

No email pertaining to suspension. No message in the client area assuming the client area is
Login to your account - InfinityFree

only message is " Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for a new domain name to start working everywhere."


Well, that is why. It says it may take some time to start working correctly, so the site is not ready yet. Just wait, it should start working within the next few hours.


NEW ACCOUNT epiz_28799559

recently created… showing suspended

Hi, kindly check this for me, please. I already deactivate my account and activate it again, still, my website redirecting to Special offer and Discount Coupon

My IP:
Username: epiz_28799673

If you’ve just created your account, or just added a new domain name to an account, you may be surprised that you are unable to view your website when using the domain. Instead you may see:

  • An advertisements page, with ?z being added to the URL.
  • An error saying “This site can’t be reached”.

It does not say you will go to a suspended account. But to an advertising page or a 404 error

Hi, just want to ask you something… You’ve said that “if I just created the account or etc… therefore I won’t be unable to view my website when using the domain.”. You might be true to that, but I think the redirecting page that I redirected to is “”.

PS: I’ve just created my account.

My IP:
Username: epiz_28799673

My website is active, but is redirecting to as well.

Custom URL: www[.]badcompanybjj[.]com

I added the [ ] to my custom url because the forum wouldn’t let me put two link in one post.

Please look in to below credentials , My website is redirecting to suspended-website[.]com

IP : |Subdomain|
Main Domain :

Please Look to my site. My website is getting suspended due to Daily entry process limit. Earlier Suspended on 3/06/2021 due to I/O Limit but it got resolved but today due to Daily entry process limit, it is suspended again. Hoping you fix this as soon as possible. Now the website shows Database Error.

Website URL:
Username: epiz_27968587