Adc alias does not work

já configurei o apontei corretamente o dominio para os servidores da infinity e adicionei o dominio no cpanel, já aguardei o tempo necessario e mesmo assim aparece a mensagem:

Não foi possível estabelecer uma conexão segura com este site enviou uma resposta inválida.


Já tentei adicionar o mesmo dominio como dominio adicional e o diretorio aparece quase instantaneamente mesmo aparecendo a mensagem para aguardar o prazo de 76 hrs…

favor, me ajudem, já fiz todo o necessario e até agora nada, só quero estacionar meu dominio.

obs: a pasta criada no diretório com o nome do dominio (não pode ser apagada) não estaria causando este erro?


Please speak in English! Here is the translation:

I checked and your domain is not added on an account right now. Please do it and, if it still throws the SSL error, you need to install a certificate, either picked up from another service or generated from the “SSL Certificates” section of the Client Area, on your hosting account by following this guide from the “Installing an existing certificate” part.


hello, thanks for the quick response :v::wink:

the message that appears now is this:

Web page not available
The webpage at could not be loaded because:


the address for which it is parked has https and appears in the cloudflare, if it is just parking why do you need https too?

can i include the domain parked on cloudflare too? then stay https: // upidelivery

so far nothing works, i think it should be much simpler …

thankful right now

Guys, thank you all for your cooperation … guess where the problem was :roll_eyes:? at my internet provider, everything was fine from the beginning, however, for a reason that I still didn’t understand, I couldn’t access the domain I wanted, I found that everything was ok by accident, I activated a vpn to do a test and I ended up accessing the such domain and pahh it worked … then, I just modified it on the cell phone even in the wifi option, I disconnected from the network and then when I entered again I adjusted the advanced options for static ip, and dns and and voilà it worked, now I can access normal kkk but only from my cell for now, the provider’s people are adjusting everything …

I had never been there, it was stressful, but it was worth the experience, I hope you can serve the partners here, even and thank you again for your time :handshake: