Added domain but cant view website

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
if i go to, i get directed to Special offer and Discount Coupon

I’m using this software:

Additional information:
I created an account on this system before registering my domain, so i got most of the website up and working prior to having the domain added. I added the domain but it still pointed to the temp domain website, so after adding the domain, i uploaded the website to the new domain folder via ftp, then in the control pannel, deleted the original temp website domain. but now, instead of being directed to the domain / website, i get the above url loaded.

what have i done wrong?

For me it works; for you it’s just a caching issue, so try to remove cache and cookies.

Hi, thanks for your comments.

Ive cleared cache and cookies now. however, about 10 minutes ago, instead of redirecting to the url i put above, it pointed to a holding page, so i recreated the domain i deleted, but now if i go to, it just opens an empty directory and not the website ive built

the directory structure still exists, is there a way to change the default site it points to when you browse to the url ?

For me it works, either from the non-www version or from the www version. You can see the screenshot of the www version here:

(Note that the operator I’m using is NOS, that’s the Portuguese Wind Tre that we have in Italy, so I’m not Portuguese, I’m Italian)

For you maybe it’s your connection, that does cache the contents for 24 hours. With, every request will not be cached and you can access the latest version of the website without problem.

damn !

Thank you for your help. okey, lets see if ive messed around with my pc lol

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