Ads in my forum emails and emails being marked as junk

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Get premium hosting from, free domain name, unlimited disk space, far too many features to list.

This message was identified as junk. We’ll delete it after 10 days.

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There are ads in my forum’s emails and they are showing up as junk.

Unfortunately yes mail coming from these servers usually gets marked as spam due to abuse in the past.

As for the ads, sorry, there is no way to fix it. Please upgrade to premium if you need mail

Unfortunately, this is because iFastNet gets marked as SPAM by a lot of people, so all of their emails go there now automatically. Also, you get the emails because you use InfinityFree’s hosting service, which is powered by iFastNet. You can mark them as “Not Spam” if you would like.

I heard something about SMTP in another post for the ads, how do I use it?

SMTP is a way to send emails, there are third Parties like Yandex and Postable that can get you email address with your domain.

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Alright, I use MyBB for the forums, it sends automated emails (e.g adding someone to a buddy list), in another post about the ad problem at the bottom of my emails it said you could use SMTP to get rid of the ads, how do I do that? It talked about using WordPress to do it, but I don’t use WordPress.

Does this help?


This helped! Thanks.


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